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Anxiety Over Sinuses

So, this week has been rough with the bump on my head and everything. At this point I have come to peace with the bump on my head. It is getting smaller, and it hurts less. The responses on my last post helped a bunch. Thank you so much. However, I come with more concerns. (Typical, right? Haha.) Since Thursday I have had a weird headache of sort in my forehead/temples. It is not persistent, it just seems to come at random times depending on what I'm doing with my head. It's more pressure based than pain, but there is a bit of pain. It is worse in the morning and at night. I also find that my nose has been stuffy a lot lately, but I have not been able to blow anything out of it. Also, my eyes hurt a tad when I move them all the way in one direction. My girlfriend and mom believe these things to be sinus related, and they say I have nothing to worry about. My girlfriend gave me some fancy tea to try tonight before bed, and I'm hoping that helps. I am scared though. I'm scared I have a severe sinus infection that will mess with my brain or eyesight. Is anyone familiar with these sinus feelings? Should I be concerned? Is there anything that I should watch for? Thanks for your help and guidance.

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Hey, hope this finds you better. Ive been having head pressure and ear fullness for a whole month now and it's constant. It's really scary and frustrating! It's hard to sleep at times. I've had a ct of my brain and it was normal but I still feel something really bad is going on in my head. I do have history of anxiety but it's hard for me to believe it's anxiety ..

Hope to hear from you soon


The change in atmosphere can cause stuffiness, I'm stuffed up every morning feel like my head is heavy ears popping and nose full but then nothing comes out when I blow it, once I was sat watching tv I felt a popping sensation in my head then my nose run like a dripping tap, thought I was having a nose bleed but it wasn't it was clear liquid Tha ran out, freaked me out went to docs and he said my sinuses had popped, no worry told him about my head and ears and he said all related to sinuses, now i know what it is I don't worry about it anymore but still get it very often. Was convinced it was brain fluid lol 😁 but when they popped it was a tremendous relief of pressure. Xxx mandy😉


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