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Recurrent infections

Does anyone here suffer with getting recurrent viral and bacterial infections? It seems like I get sick about once every couple of months and the chest tightness is a symptom that always intensifies with the change of seasons. However, I do suffer from gerd, so it could be my esophagus hurting, which tends to make one think that it is their chest. I appreciate the feedback :)

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I do!!! I have just gotten over a viral Infection. I typically get them about 6 times a year.. Doesn't matter the season. I find my anxiety higher when I'm feeling ill and have felt shortness of breath. Maybe you are feeling something similar


I had an infection 3 weeks ago. I got the chills and was sweating at night for a couple nights. I think my body just can't accept that I'm pretty healthy most of the time.


Chest tightness is not a symptom, in it's own right, of an infection or virus. It just might be something as simple as a shortness of breath (with a variety of causes) to COPD or simply because a large, fat cat is sat on you in the night! Mine does! :)

What are you suffering from at the moment in relation to your tightness?


I get a bunch of infections. It's probably a viral infection in combination with my anxiety.


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