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Dreadful panic/anxiety

Dreadful panic/anxiety

Panic/Anxiety episodes have been ruining my life!

It's hard to enjoy life when I'm constantly having extreme symptoms, and afraid that it will act up while I'm out. I'm dead against medicines, because Even Meds give me anxiety! ( the thought of them doing more harm than good) but I really need to find a way to get it under control or I'm going to have to try something.

I wouldn't wish anxiety/ panic in anyone!! It truly is torture always having the feeling something horrible is happening or about to hoppen. I try to keep the mindset that God is in control...

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I know how you feel I am the same I pushed my self to go out once last week I was shaking my legs felt like they was gonna go from under me I am gonna to try and do the school run this morning but am panicking all ready and not left yet


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