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getting off meds

hello again I did a post yesterday ,,regarding coming of my meds ,,I am doing ok at the moment ,and feel so much better for going on natural supplements, A/D did there job for a really bad time in my life .[ e.g ] some one try to murder my son and then that push him over the edge to try and take his own life ,so I know how that at a time in my life they where a crutches for me to lean on ,,,any way I have to say I have found a brill book ,which I can say has been so good to find to help me to end the Anxiety I have lived with for years ,,I really have to share this with you ,as I now have moved on to the next step in my recovery the book is called Dare ,The new way to end Anxiety and stop panic Attacks,,,in no way am I trying to flog this book ,I have just found it to be the best thing I have read reguarding Anxiety,

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Just read your post , I hope things are still going well for you , I shall look up the book you mentioned and thanks for sharing what has helped you :-)

Take Care x


Please read the book ,and there are free apps to down load to ,I have been off all meds now for a weeks ,and I am really being to feel well again and when my anxiety does show its ugly head I tell it to do one lol.we only get so ill because we fear our own self ,,really we are our own worst enermy, I wish u all the look in the world x


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