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I had my endoscopy done at 2:00 this afternoon. It went really well. Im currently just having some back pain on the left side and my chest hurts a bit. The instant results showed mild inflammation in my stomach. The doctor said that there aren't any ulcers or anything like that. He has to send the biopsy out but presumes that it will be negative. He said the next step would be to get an ultrasound and X-ray of my stomach. He suspects that it could be gallbladder.


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  • Hi Katie, I'm so glad all turned out well for you ... I will keep praying that all goes well and it's nothing major and can be taking care off easily .... Wish you the best hope you feel better ...

  • Hi Katie I jumped the gun a it by suggesting on your other message about probiotics and garlic and parsley tablets, if you read my loooooooong older posts you will see I had chronic issues for two years and only became a lot better in the last few months, those tablets have helped a lot. X

  • Hey, what were your symptoms?

  • What did you go in for? Like, symptom-wise?

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