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Your opinion on SSRI's... do you take them?

I have a doctor's appt. today with my GP... and I have a feeling it might lead to nowhere. I tried both Prozac and Cephalexin... and both made me really sick... when the dr wanted to try yet another one...I said no, for fear of being even more sick... Only on them one week each and they did nothing for me.

I know how my 'mind' works and IF I would say yes to trying another...I KNOW the mind has the power to make me sick... because basically I DO NOT want to take any drugs.... I do have an Rx for .5 Ativan which I use usually in the middle of the nite to get back to sleep... and occasionally during the day...I barely notice its effects (maybe that's good!) ...

But it seems like so many people are on SSRI's... I was on one anxiety forum once where some people were taking up to THREE drugs for anxiety/depression and they were still having horrid days.... I have decided to ask the dr to set me up with some therapy counseling... (HOPEFULLY Kaiser will help pay for it since it will be through Kaiser's facility.)

And hopefully I won't hear "Well, let's put you on THIS drug...then we'll talk..."

I am NOT meaning to criticize any of you that take SSRI's... I am almost jealous of the one's of you that are getting much help from them...because that's good!! We are just all different. My IBS is totally intertwined with my anxiety... but even with its problems, I feel I am handling THAT one better...

Anyway, would some of you be willing to share your SSRI experiences with me? I would really appreciate it...and thank you.

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I'm 21 was recently on these pills SSRI, and I became suicidal on them I couldn't eat or sleep and my anxiety was 100% worse and I was sick too!!! as soon as I came off them I still felt like shit but I was so greatful for feeling just shit and not the way I felt when I was on them. Each pill is a little different and I think it just depends on you as a person. There is no harm in attempting a trail run with these pills if you have time. I took mine for two weeks and I now feel fine after stopping. I now have counciling and honestly that combined with a positive mind set I feel will help me through to the other side and make me a much stronger person. They do say these pills act only as a crutch to the problem. Counciling will help you address the real deep routed issue and you can slowly work to fixing yourself. Feeling is temporary...You have the power over your own mind you just need to get to know it. Xxx all the best



Yes you are so right the mind is a very powerful thing if you tell it something it will listen to you.

Generally that how axniety works if you constantly tell yourself 'im not well' or 'i'm in danger' your brain listens to this, and body releases aderline to hep you fight or flight. Its called the flight and fight response :) its a good thin to knowabout if you dont already if you do sufffer with panick attacks.

My view on medication, its works for something people but not for others, some have really bad reactions to them like making them feels worse and other have no symptons. Some people will tell you its the best thing they have ever done, despite side effect or not, but will have to stay on medication. You cant just stop with antidepressants. Other people will say they dont want to rely on medication for the rest of their lifes or long term. They would much rather seek counselling like you say.

For me personally with my anxiety I would rather not take anything and deal wit my anxeity pychologyically, I have read a lot of self help books (I also have to for my job!) and put coping meginisms into place and I do have good days more then bad. I Think it can be quite frustrating when people are told medication is the only answer.

There are stratargie I use like, if a negitive thought comes into for my i picture a batt and that I;m batting it out of my heard again. Or I turn turn my thought into a positive one. Writing things down helps too. thee is a REALLY good book called The Chip paradox - the mind management . It explains it all pefectly, a lot better then I can!

Sometimes when panick attacks do get too much and you do feel like taking something. I have come very close to, I have a packet of untouched antidepressiant sitting on my drawer, thy are there if I ever need them!

I would personally try counselling or put stratergy in to place any day before taking medication.

When you see the gp be honest and firm say what you want its your body :)


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