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My Anxiety-Filled Summer

So I'm a high school student going into my senior year, I should be carefree and having the time of my life right? Well this summer has been a complete nightmare.

I have had anxiety attacks beginning my junior year and they were pretty debilitating. I was not medicated or anything, just talk therapy which helped a lot. I thought I was doing well because they were stopping for a few months.

So mid summer came along and I just finished my trip in Europe and a couple days home I get this severe anxiety attack that came along after my fear that i was having a brain aneurism. So after that decreased, i felt nauseous, acid relflux, dizzy, chest pressure for the next 2 weeks on and off. My face would go numb and tingle, strange sensations on my heart, ringing in my ears to add to the list. I went to the doctors 3 times, and they all said anxiety. After a week, I went to see a psychiatrist that prescribed me Klonopin for to address for my physical manifestation. It worked well, because it did not allow me to panic. However, I still had some strange symptoms as mentioned above.

So a few weeks pass and I'm doing okay. Suddenly I get this chest congestion and cough and the doctor first thinks its allergies because she cannot hear fluid in my lungs. That night I coincidentally had an appointment with my psychiatrist, he put me on Zoloft to treat my obsession about me dying. The next day however, I went back to the physician because I had fever and chills. They sent me to get an Xray and I found out that I had low grade pneumonia. They prescribe me 500 mg of Levofloxacin and to rest. So I do this for a few days and keep on the all the medications at once plus my pneumonia. I just felt worse and worse, dizzy, faintness, sadness, detached, and scared. I can barely sleep, but feel sleepy. I have shakes, and cold rushes. The fever and infection is going away, but I still have feelings mentioned above. This scares me because it feels like I'm high all the time. I can't tell if it is the Zoloft and the beginning effects or the antibiotics, or both. I am in touch with my touch and she just says keep doing what your doing, but I'm scared and doubtful. I hate not feeling like myself and school starts in a couple days and I'm starting a big chapter in my life. I know everyone is trying to help me and I am grateful I have support but I'm so scared. Can anyone relate to this situation or have any advice?

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I can't relate to all those symptoms but I can relate to being really confused and anxious about all these symptoms I have. Know that you're not alone:)

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You don't get over pneumonia in a few days. You need your antibiotics and at least one week of bed rest and then you still need to take things slow and still get lots of rest. May take a good month before you get your energy back. Write down all your feelings and as they go away cross them off. The feelings you have after that is anxiety. Keeping taking your meds and relax.

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