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Migraine on top of anxiety

I started with migraine last night that feeling of wanting and going to be sick and the headaches, thankfully I slept last night but woke up today awful, I can't stay in bed worh anxiety I have to get up and get out usually, but today I feel so ill Ill have to stay in bed, but then my anxitey will get worse and I can't stop my mind racing PLEASE can anyone HELP I feel so alone and unable to move on ( IM TERIFEED ) I'm going to be like this forever. Please help

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I have always suffered with migraines and the last few years I have been getting them more often and they are horrible things you feel like you have had all the stuffing knocked out of you , I don't think anyone realizes just how bad they are unless they have had one

I get the aura with mine I can time it , it lasts about 30 mins and then once that has come back to normal then the headache like a brick has been smashed in your head , in fact it is not a headache because it is a pain you cannot describe , so bad that sometimes it can be to painful to cough or move your head

I am like you as well , I no the best thing is to stay in bed in a dark room and rest but my anxiety fights against this to

What I try & do now is sit where I feel most relaxed for me even if that is downstairs , I get those cooling gel strips that you put on your forehead , they don't stop the migraine but they certainly help the intensity-of the pain you feel , drink plenty of water and if relaxing music or something helps try & distract your mind as much as you can until it passes

Are you getting any help with your anxiety ? I hope so & if not go & speak to your Doctor and if you are let them no things are still very difficult and you are struggling and ask what support they can give

Remember this migraine will pass & I know easier said than done but the more anxious you keep getting the worse and longer it will take for that migraine to move on so try telling yourself that yes you feel awful but it will pass & nothing bad will happen

Take Care x

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Thank you very much you rely do understand and it brings so much comfort when you reply thank you x

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