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Hi everyone this blue dot I see I told you about

Could it sensitivity to light I've noticed I surely see it when it's bright and I turn quick still not rung the doc I rung once while at work but was engaged then I just let it pass anxiety levels not at its highest can come trol it miles better from when I was 18 but my vision has Groton realy bad even when watching telly a can see lil dots out the corner of my eye so draind it's unreal x

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Stop. Take a deep breath. Allow yourself to experience the symptom without needing to know the cause.

You are going to drive yourself mad keep trying to guess what it is. Without proper professional medical knowledge and diagnostic tests - you will never ever ever know what is causing it.

So there's literally no point at all in wasting your energy and getting so worked up about something you can do very little about until you go and see a doctor like people keep telling you.

Try to stop obsessing because you'll go crazy with frustration. Whenever you see the dots you can say to yourself "oh, there they are again" and that's all you need to say. You don't need to think any deeper than that.

I know it's harder to do in real life than it is to write, but you really need to help yourself as much as you can until a doctor can tell you for definite.

Speak to your doctor!!! :)

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