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Going crazy

It gets hard having an anxiety attack almost everyday and worse when everyone saying it all in your head you can stop it if you really want how??? I all was wounder cause they don't understand what your going through then you start think your going crazy it making me feel hoplessness and I hate how one little feel triggers them of my selfawearness is so high I notice one little thing and boom I just want to be me again

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I have woken up this morning like every morning TERRIFIED I'm dreading the day and have to FORCE myself to get out of bed, some days I'm so skird I can't even get washed, I just get dressed very quickly and go out were do I go so terrified ????? I'm so fightened, afraid and so very lonely TRAPPED in this awful horrendous illness please HELP


Am sry I get like that it hard to even take a shower I close my so tight in the shower I feel like am going to forget how to open or something but you just got to remind yourself its all do to anxiety even now replying am fighting my sleep cause I think I won't wake up but try finding a doctor or some kinda outlet that helps you


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