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Can an Illness Cause Anxiety as a Symptom?

Hi everyone,

I'm posting this with a hope of finding someone who has a similar story to me. Last year on August 3rd I was driving down the highway when something happened that I can only describe as an "episode." I got extremely dizzy, I felt as though I would pass out, and I had weird feeling on the top of my head. I pulled my car over at which point a nearby police officer did the same thing, asked if I was okay, and I described what happened. They insisted I go to the hospital. The entire time I was there I kept getting these doom feelings, tension would surge throughout my body, and I would panic. The hospital didn't know what was wrong with me, I went home, and I tried to get back to normal. The weirdest thing about this situation is that when my mother picked me up from the hospital (believe it or not, I wasn't comfortable driving that day) she said that she had been having the same symptoms for the past week. She said it started with a really bad episode, she kept getting surges of doom feelings, followed by panic/fear, and had a weird feeling in her head (what we now understand is head pressure). That first week was really bad, but I progressively felt better (as did she). We've been able to compare our symptoms down to very specific symptoms. Whenever we start to have bad weeks they're within a week of each other. We both had CT scans and were told that everything is fine. I was diagnosed with silent migraines, but my symptoms didn't add up. I've always been a little bit anxious growing up, but nothing that can ever be explained as generalized anxiety. Most of my anxiety episode are sudden - there's no rhyme or reason as to why I feel head pressure and I don't feel anxious, but I still have some of the physical symptoms of anxiety attacks (as does my mother). Lately we've both been having what can only be described as generalized anxiety (difficulty sleeping due to racing thoughts - sometimes rapid eye movement as I'm trying to catch up with these while trying to fall asleep, anxiety in social situations, doom feelings for no reason, choking feeling, head pressure, etc). I guess my question for everyone is, has anyone come across a virus/infection that triggered these issues? I live with my parents these symptoms are always so spot on between my mother and myself (within a week or two of each other). I've tried to explain the timeline of events to my doctor (in that she displayed these very specific symptoms followed by myself a week or two later) but I've only been referred to a specialist to e diagnosed with migraines. I've tried searching online, but I can't find any information nor do I think I'm being taken seriously. I know that anxiety manifests itself in physical ways, but I can't ignore the fact that these symptoms have been progressing to the point where I'm feeling anxious more and more (as is she). My biggest concern is that something very real is being overlooked due to the onset of symptoms.

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Kelly,seems very odd. Suggest one of you drinks bottled water for a while in case you are both sensitive to something changing in the water.

Also do you live in Cornwall or the Grampians.? May be radon build up in the house but I think very unlikely and I don't know how that would affect anyone.

May be one of you is getting anxious and if you are quite close it is subconsciously being picked up by the other but again very unlikely.

Trouble you have is in being believed. Sounds like something from the X Files. I would type it out exactly as you have done above. and present it to your GP and ask if he can think of anything however unlikely that could explain this.


I'm guessing you live on the other side of the big pond, but here in the US mold can create sick symptoms. Do you live in an older home. Headaches, dizziness and yes physical symptoms can cause anxiety, especially the ones you describe. Not sure about over there but here you can have a mold Dr. Come in to check your home and you might also check to see about lead based paint on your walls. That's a big no no here and can cause illness as well. Hope you both feel better soon. I would check out those things since you both have the same you cook with gas on your stove?



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