Numb pinkey finger

So all of a sudden out of the blue today my pinkey finger went numb on my right hand. Well this triggered an instant anxiety attack for me actually more like a panic attack. My brain automatically thinks its something serious like a stroke or blood clot or something and I'm going to die. Now about an hour later my pinkey is still slightly numb but my heart is still racing and I just feel all around weird. I'm still stuck at work for at least another hour but I just want to go home and try to relax. Anyone else ever get this instant numb sensation?????? Help!!!!!!!!


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  • Were you leaning on your elbow?

    If I lean on mine my smallest finger goes numb. Takes a while to get back to life.

  • I have had this happen numerous times with my pinky toe and everytime it would trigger a panic attack. I found out it was caused from a minor pinched nerve in my back. It could also be from the way you were sitting. Slouching can definitely cause it.

  • I have had that ... or something similar. I suspect my problem was carpal tunnel. Sometimes it is just one finger, other times the whole hand. And it scares you ... I've even had numbness in my arm. But anxiety or panic makes it seem worse than it is. Hopefully, this has passed. If you were having something serious like a stroke or blood clot, you would not get any better at all. Keep posting to let us know that you are ok ... anxiety can sure do some fearful things to us. You got some great replies already from other on the site. That is the value of this forum....people are not afraid to share and they care!

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