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the thing moved back on my head

i have it over three years ago and alwais thought its something else. guys check your sinus to a doctor. this is on me ofcourse depresion in the end and all that shit stuff but its all because of my sinus since i came in england. jacuzzi shower sauna then go outside. i didint realize till now when i was to doctor. everyone has different problems this was mine and now im treating it. try infusions with boiled onion and garlic searvh on internet for more. just try infusions... it help me. i wish you all well health and good luck. check a doctor but sometimes they can be wrong...

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Hi!The best help I have had for my chronic sinusitis is a"Sinugator"used every day,twice.Check it out on Amazon & look at the customer reviews.It really helps.

I think when there is anxiety & sinus problems & depression,it is a good idea to have the doctor check your thyroid gland.Your TSH needs to be less than 2. on the scale.

I have an underactive thyroid,anxiety & have had depression.They can be linked.

(See Thyroid UK)


I too have read about sinus and often my cheekbones hurt but ain't checked it w doc yet I find vicks helpful in a bowl and towel over head N inhale that


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