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Spaced out

Hi, I'm 29 years old for the past few months I've not felt right I'm really scared I feel like I'm dying, I find it hard to breath and I don't feel like I'm here if that makes sense. I've spoke to my doctor and family and they tell me not to worry but they don't understand what I'm goin through. I really don't feel right. My throat feels like it's blocking and heart goes funny all the time. When I walk I feel unbalanced and unsteady. I have 2 children and I'm scared I'm going to leave them without a mother. Please someone help me I'm in tears constantly and I don't no what to do 😓😢😢😢

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You re not going to die do not worry about that! And doctors are useless I now go to a homeopath who I did not believe in at the beginning but she is very good . I am constantly spaced out so I had to stop driving cause I just couldn't see properly it s like I m high constantly. My throat always feels tight and I had an snaphalactic shock not long ago so I always freak out it is that but it isn't I get it when I m stressed and also when I m not stressed it s your body reacting to what your brain thinks is happening hence why your heart goes fast or you have palpitations as well. Most people I know who have anxiety get all of these symptoms and when you get 'weird' or worrying symptoms don't panic you have to sit there and think that I am in no real harm . Our bodies are in fight r flight mode constantly because of anxiety so we think bad stuff is going to happen even when it is not and it is our body that is reacting to that thought of something bad is going to happen.

I suggest doing meditation and reading mindfulness books with guided mediation, going for walks or whatever, and also seeing s homeopath and a therapist I suggest a CBT person but also what I find most helpful is bowmen or bowman therapy (I can't spell) it is amazing it is 100times better then a massage and I come out feeling so relaxed and happy it also helps you get over the trauma or any stress you are trying to deal with so it is perfect. You must get s good bowmen therapist though and if you read up about it it sounds so weird but trust me it works or at least helps



I av 2 children also N I feel they help me coz when I look in there faces it gives me the boost I need to get better

Currently doing cbt and also on meds but touch wood I can see the light at the end if the tunnel!!!

Yr not dying it's the way our mid works try to focus on other things whilst yr Avon these thoughts

N try to keep calm i know it's easier Saif than done but we av all been there N it's not easy living with anexity but you will adapt I found my symptoms lessened when I accepted It in my head instead of Googking all symptoms for worst case possible

Think you need to possiibly go back and see yr gp N maybe he can refer you to cbt which is a huge help in its self


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I also have 2 kids and have been dealing with anxiety for 8 months now it's up and down but I too get a lot of physical symptoms they were way worse when it first started. I've had many tests been to different doctors all say it's anxiety. I think the only way is to somehow change our mind sets and like Kristy said cbt is the way to go and most likely my next step.

I hope you feel better soon :)

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Thanks everyone for your advice I think I'm going to go back to the gp and seek more help. I feel really helpless at the moment. Do any of you have mood swings aswell I always feel sad n snapping all the time


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