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Oh what a night !!

Hi guys , is anyone awake ar this hour seriously having the worst night mainly can't sleep nothing new at the min having ear pain feels like nerves are tingling , basically having a lot of dental problems , along wirh non stop headaches seem worse at night honestly I thought I had it bad last year with overactive thyroid! I didn't seem in this much pain!!, so scared feel like I'm living on paracetamol have done for last few weeks .did have a nerve gun infection it's cleared now after antibiotics I was brave enough finally yo go to dentist , just can't believe how nerve pain seems to be causing me yo get down .I do recall now many years ago similar nit no where near has painful.iv got to be up in under 4 hours got a meeting at work can't wait to finish then hope I can sleep , just wish I could take my head off not only for the pain that's making my tongue tingle teeth hurt head hurt !!! I remember being so down & real bad anxiety last two went a&e doc gave me some low Diazpan tell you what they really relaxed me I was like stiff with tensing up that's why docs gave them me I feel like that now , will go docs get a blood check , maybe sinus infection too causing pain I worry soo much just waiting g for a referral from dentist to have some teeth put opting for relaxation method needles arrrrgH ,will everything be ok I ask myself. Just having a cuppa hope to nod off for an hour at least a bit. So sad binkynoo x

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Everything will be ok


Hi, sorry to hear your suffering! Your post sounds just like mine would!! Lack of sleep , nerve pain from a tooth , tingling in face, been on antibiotics , felt bit better then wham it's all back to bite me and here comes the anxiety again!!!! Don't want to bore you with the other symptoms , but just to say You are not alone ! HA sucks!


Hi 1973, Thankyou it's nice t9 know not alone I went to go today just said can't cope with pain, got antibiotics think may be sinus related as well teeth etc iv managed through work today wirh the awful wierd pain it is ,to have to take some painkiller after work to get me through up to press ok just soo much anxiety having a herbal.sleep tea il sip it slowly hopefully have a good sleep x will let you know hope you are feeling much better soon x

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