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A good day

Hi all

Well yesterday was a good day felt like my normal self for a change it was really nice to feel ( yes that sounds silly I know ) but I feltike I could laugh be my mischiefes self in fact I smiled it made me so happy 😀

But in the long run its given me something to fight for that we can fight this illness and become our selfs

There is many posts on here saying ie when will it stop etc

Just have faith in yourself n that with the right support we can do it Ian now more than determined to fight this that I don't let it get the better off me like it has done and so many of us on here

Just be headstrong if ya can easier said than done I do know especially with all the symtoms but if ya change ya wY of thinking it soon makes them fade



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Glad you had a day where you felt normal :-D

Hope it long continues and your post will give others hope that things do slowly improve :-) x


Thank you I hope it does too 😀

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