Anxiety trouble :'( Any tips?

I am a 16 year old girl, i am also new to this i have just signes up because someone recommend it and said it may help me.. i have an ongoing problem with anxiety.. I have been diagnosed. I have good days and really bad depressed days.. I'm always feeling sick as soon as I walk out the door, if im going to a new place to me or if I have to go somewhere to work for a long period of time I am constantly being sick.. It gets to the point where I'm afraid to eat for many hours because I'm scared of being sick.

This is getting worse too.. doesn't help I'm going to start college in September, so far my work experience I am not able to stay for the full amount of time and very close to getting kicked off the course.

I am going through private counselling at the moment.. I am finding just talking about it isn't helping me enough.. I have told her this but she confirms that there isn't much more that she can do..

I have asked to be put on tablets but she isn't sure they will work?

If anyone is reading this I am very grateful!

I am mainly wondering if anyone else is like this? I've never known anyone else which has this problem and if you have an tips on what I could do.. that would be great!!

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  • Check out!

  • Thank you!

  • Hello,

    I understand how you can not want to eat because you're scared of getting sick but also, not eating is going to make you sick. I go through this sometimes and it sucks but I eat somethimg small. My go-to is a peanut butter sandwich, usually settles well and gets me feeling good enough to stomach something else too, most the time. Im sorry you're schooling is being affected. Im experiencing that right now too but my instructor is VERY understanding of my situation. Maybe you can talk to yours and explain your anxiety. Im sure they will understand and try to do whatever they can to help you continue in class.

    I suggest you get a new therapist, there are plenty of other things besides just talking that can be done to help you and teach you how to cope with your anxiety. You just have to find the right fit for you, the right therapist and techniques. Just never stop trying, because when you find something that helps, its amazing. You can feel relief.

    I hope you feel better. We are here for you.


  • Thank you! I appreciate the help

  • I went through a similar problem at 17. I had a mental health nurse and a counsellor (the counsellor was useless because he seemed convinced I'd been abused or something which I hadn't). Things didn't improve until I was given antidepressants just before I was 18. They don't like giving antidepressants to children and young people which is probably why you haven't got them yet. When I was put in them at first my mental health nurse said they were wrong for me and sent me back for different ones. When I went back and got different ones it practically cured it straight away. I still have some bad days but nothing like I was back then and I've been on my antidepressants for 12 years.

  • Thank you! I appreciate the help. My doctor said that my counsellor had the decision to give me tablets.. I find out on Wednesday if there actually going to try them

  • Awww hunni what a young age to be going through all this..... U are doing great and u will beat this, I have sorm form of anxiety but where yours sounds more social anxiety mine is ocd I have all the feelings of sickness the panic and the worry as u do but I worry about the stupidest things hope u start to feel better soon and u get the help u need I personally don't believe in tablets from a bad experience but what works for one may not work for the next it's a case of trial and error x

  • Thank you! I appreciate your help

  • I understand, I've been this way since Grade School, that's been like 55 yrs. Its been really hard but you push when you have too and you can make it through. I'm an agoraphobic, sounds like you could be. I get really bad Panic attacks and stomach problems when ever I have to go somewhere. Home is my safe place. I can never eat at resterants, go to movies, all that kind of stuff, I' ve had a stomach ache most of my life, But if you can't do some things you fill in with other things. I have a good life Just can't do a lot of things away from home. that makes it really hard to fight all the panic attacks and anxiety and fear cause you can't just jump in the car and go do something to get your mind off of it. so try to find things to keep your mind busy, read a great book it takes you away from your problems and fears. Times have changed a lot through the years so I no there is a lot more help out there now, its acknowledged now as a real problem, so they're constantly coming up with new things and ideas to help, keep trying to find the right thing to help you. this group will help because you will no there are sooo many other people out there like you. And you will get a lot of advice on different things that might help you. I've made it with this panic and anxiety for 50 plus years, had so many different scares and different health problems, or just anxiety that makes you think you have all the health problems. It is amazing what our minds can do to us. keep fighting asking and looking for the right things that will help you. you WILL get through this, hang in there :)

  • Thank you! I totally get where your coming from that you can't go to movies or restaurants. And my parents are always going out for meals.. I just feel sick whatever I do. I like it when we go away as a family around the UK. It's like I leave my anxiety behind a little, I still get panic and that but it's no where near as much. Home is my safe place too!

    I'm sorry to here you have been going through it for so long!!!

  • First change your personal counselor. Second put headphone listen music and go out for a walk daily. Third laugh, watch funny videos and laugh, fake it but laugh, its a best therapy. Relax, you are so young and trust you can come over it.

  • I listen to music so much, my parents and I are always going out for walks. Thank you I will try this

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