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Worst Panic Attack I've Ever Had

So today I got off early , sometime around 3pm. I went the entire day just relaxed taking a nap and when I woke up I just watched documentaries till about 2:30 am, one of my friends called me and I went to go hang out with them. I had stopped smoking for almost half a year just to see if I could, so anytime I would smoke now I would get a little anxious or start to suffer from derealization,

Tonight was really different though, I was fine, singing etc, then out of no where I literally was just hit with a barrage of over anxious thoughts. It began with me thinking I swallowed a piece of foil because my mouth was dry, I drank something but my mind was convinced I had something in my throat which wasn't true. We made it to my house and I was trying to relax , but it was so intense that I keep over thinking which caused me to believe I was having heart problems, or something was crawling in my head and when you're high and thinking stuff like that. it's hard not to especially with an overly anxious mind, I had to really calm myself down, I never felt that way before, like I literally was convinced something was seriously wrong with me, it was so bad I had my friend stay with me for about two hours until I felt well enough to be at home alone,

It's currently 4:42 am and I can't sleep, I came down a lot and managed to try and relax but my mind is still wandering and I'm trying to just fall asleep and avoid negative thoughts,

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I hope you are feeling better. Maybe in the morning try to do some exercise to get those good chemical going through your body drink lots of water and if smoking really effects you maybe it's time to stop it for good?

I also had a bad bout of anxiety today I was feeling great until the afternoon then the lightheadedness and derealization started (while I was reading a self help book) it lasted for hours I almost fell back into the feeling sorry for my self trap but I pushed through it and I'm in bed now feeling much better.

We need to remember it always passes but it's so hard in the moment.

Let's hope today is a better day for you :)))


I hope you are feeling better today! I understand how it feels to be in your situation. A friend of mine who is a high level executive for a bank felt he was having a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. But turned out it was a panic attack. He was very embarrassed but at least he did not have a heart attack.

Since I started another medication I found I also am thinking at moments when I feel dizzy and the sides of my vision go grey and blurry- that I might die. It is just a side effect of the medication my doctor gave me. I never thought about fear of dying before so it must have something to do with my medications as well as anxiety.

I am so thankful you had your friend stay with you yesterday. It makes a difference to have someone to trust and be there for you!

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Hope your feeling much better today 😊 today was one of my worse days ever I was in the supermarket and I came over all hot and heart was pounding and felt like throat was closing up tried to make it out aide but didn't happen I got round the corner and I passed out where i was breathing to quickly, I was curled up in a ball and never been so embarrassed in my life

Now to scares to go out everyone was looking at me funny and I felt like the was judging me 😞 x


U should quit smoking since it's what's triggering your anxiety and thoughts.


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