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I just need a few Re assuring words.

The Dr.Google thing is back with me. I had to read a few things about meningitis, as I lost my brother to that disease. I know the symptoms at the back of my head by now. Now that I have a neck pain, and that being one of the symptoms, I feel like I will have meningitis soon. I don't have any other symptoms, I probably know I am just overhyping it, however If anyone who knows anything about this, your input will be highly appreciated.

(Also to add, I already had this feeling earlier this year, like 2 to 3 months ago, I visited a DOC, and he said, There's nothing wrong with me)

please, I need to be out of this before I sleep


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Hey, I'm sorry for your loss. I know first hand that you can literally trick your body into having pains that aren't there. Even people who have amputated limbs still have "pain" where their arm used to be.

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Well, I guess then I really am just over-hyping it :p

Thanks for the input Brother :)



You are describing common anxiety and panic attacks what actually mimics some meningitis symptoms


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