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I been burping and regurgitating my food it feels like food is stuck in my chest and throat I barley have chest pains and heartburn and I did the worst by going on the internent and diagnosing myself with esophageal cancer now I'm freaking out thinking I have cancer in my throat I'm so scared to have a endoscopy I'm only 17 I don't smoke nor drink I never had anything in my throat before I'm so scared I don't wanna die :( can someone please help me

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Just visit the nearest doctor to get yourself out of the fear of having a so called cancer first... then.... stop taking help of and you should be fine... stop freaking out as of now..

you are not the only one in this run, I am like the same guy you are right now... but I just chose not to overthink, so should you.....

STAY blessed, CHEERS

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Burping and regurgitating food are one of my symptoms of anxiety and that I'm about to have an attack. I am sure that this is anxiety related. Try to breath really slowly,

There is nothing you have written that makes me think it's cancer. Just take your time, think about all the reasons you have put that it's not cancer rather than thinking it is. Take care.


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