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Ned merry go round

Hello. I suffer from anxiety for 6 yrs. I took celexa for 3 yrs then switched to Effexor for another 3 yrs I switched back to celexa due to some side effects from Effexor. Well to say that it's been hell for the few weeks is an understatement. I went to see a psychiatrist and she switched me to Brintellix. I'm on it 8 days. Had a good day yesterday but the anxiety is back. I contacted the psych and she wants to put me on either depakote or lamical. With the Brintellix. Those meds are for major depression or Bi-polar. All I needed was my anxiety to subside. I don't think I will take another med. oh I am taking clonapin twice a day. Do these doctors want to make me a zombie?

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My psychiatrist wanted to put me on an ssri, beta blocker and benzo all at the same time. I couldn't take the ssri's the betablocjer made me tired and did nothing for the anxiety and the benzo is good when I need it but it makes me drowsy and I don't like that as I have 2 kids to take care of. So I'm just battling with this stupid thing myself somehow lol. I really do wish there was a magic pill without any side effects why haven't they created one yet? Lol


What were your side effects from effexor? I just started taking it.


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