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Continual physical anxiety

I was diagnosed six years ago with Gad. I was so bad I couldn't leave the house as time went on I improved. The last couple of months has been severe Constant chest upper body pain, sore throat etc etc. I was in A&E it got that bad and had an abnormal ecg which I had a few years ago and had further testing but everything was good in the end. This time they wanted to do a nuclear scan test where they speed up your heart but I freaked out and went home. I have been referred now for a stress test. I spoke to my GP who said he did not think it was my heart but they were being thorough. Since I refused the test I have been freaking out. There is constant adrenaline in my stomach as soon as I get up and feel like I can't catch a breath properly. This lasts all day. I was prescribed diazepam 5mg but try to only take half of one when it is severe. The chest pain spreads to

My arms but it is believed to be digestive and anxiety combined. Sorry for the long post just wanted to know if anyone had these feelings and what did they do to try and alleviate this without medication. All replies will be appreciated Thank u xx

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You might have POTS syndrome which mimics anxiety. I had most of your symptoms. Look it up. It can be diagnosed by a tilt table test. Doctors used to tell me I had anxiety and then I found out I had POTS which is a real physical disease. Many doctors do not know about POTS since it is a fairly new disease.


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