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An Interesting way of helping with Anxiety

I recently started spooning with my girlfriend in bed at night. I dont know why bvut for some reason the touch of a loved one makes my anxiety at night feel less intense and i can sleep, its getting easier now, but just her touch and warmth works wonders.

This then leads on to Sex which then put me right to sleep after and i'm fresh as a daisy for the morning, people do try it, and if you don't have a girlfriend maybe the thrill of getting one will get your mind of being anxious??? Just saying

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Each to their own if it works for you & has cured your anxiety well that is all well & good however for some when they have anxiety relationships are the last thing on their mind or something they feel they can deal with and we cannot all rely on a partner been around forever or giving us that security we are looking for so we still need to get to the bottom of our problems and learn how to deal with our anxiety ....just my opinion x


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