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Heat/exercise intolerant

Out of interest has anyone else become heat/exercise intolerant due to their anxiety. I'm not feeling great this morning and I think it is due to it being very warm. I worry that I will collapse if I push myself to much so try and stay as rested as possible which I'm sure isn't doing me any good either! It's such a vicious circle.........

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I feel the same way with both heat and exercise and it freaks me out


Glad I'm not the only one. I think people think I'm lazy but I'm just so scared and freaked out by it I don't know what to do!


I sometimes get out of breath and lightheaded while just doing housework and other times I'm fine. I've had my heart and lungs checked so apparently it is anxiety


This is something that I struggle with. Before my anxiety came back I was VERY ACTIVE. I ran about 3-5 miles A DAY. After I got a panic attack right after my run. It freaked me out. Im slowly building up my confidence to start again. If your feeling like you need to exercise try just walking. Don't even think about how far but just walk and when you start not to feel well sit down. Again this is something that I'm having to learn how to do. Honestly I think that our anxiety makes us over analyze things. ( not always a bad thing. ) lol but we tend to think TOO MUCH. I recommend walking. And if your not ready for that try meditation with a couple of stretches. I completely understand where your coming from. But you will not collapse. It may feel like it but it's just anxiety. The biggest thing that I'm learning by going to therapy is to not give my anxiety power. By fearing it I give it power. I feed into and it grows. Try to just acknowledge it. I know it's hard especially with all of the messed up symptoms we get but just try to start small and think positive.

I hope you this help. Best wishes!

- Jeannie :)

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