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anxiety/panic attacks/generalized anxiety disorder

I've had panic attacks for about 2 years now and anxiety like severe i have a real hard time accepting that all my physical symptoms are the cause of my anxiety. I've been to the hospital and I saw my third dr today because I'm trying to just get it in my head that anxiety is what's causing all this I just feel nauseous all the time and thats when I start thinking that there i something wrong with me I just want to get back to myself again.

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When you're anxious, blood is sent away from the digestive tract to enable other parts of the body due to the flight or fight response. Because of this, digestion slows, which can result in nausea, bloating, indigestion, and so forth. Of course, anyone without anxiety disorders would feel this in the form of butterflies or nausea before something big. However, after the event passed, the feeling would go away. For anxious people, there doesn't seem to be this acceptance phase and you're always nervous, which continues the flight or fight response and thus continues sending blood away from your system and halting digestion.

I suggest doing something; clean the house; go outside. And see if it lessens some. And that's a big indication it's anxiety related if. When distracted, the feeling subsides some.


I've been dealing with anxiety for 7 months now had so many different tests and I still can't accept that it's just anxiety, I definitely have an anxiety disorder but I feel I have anxiety because I am so worried about all these physical symptoms. I know how you feel and I hope we all overcome this, stay strong :)


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