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Body shutting down

Hey I'm new to this but today was the first time I've had symptoms like this . I don't usually work my body so much but I'm a host now and last night I worked from 5-11:30 and I had to mop and sweep the whole front end of the store and the carpet and scrub a bathroom . I'm not sure if my body feels exhausted cause it was super busy last night mind you I had to bust tables all night running back and forth . Is this feeling because my body isn't used too ? I can't sleep my arms , legs , chest ,feels so weak like my body is shutting down I went to sleep around 12:15/12:30 and didn't wake up till2:45 in the afternoon and my body still felt weak and exhausted . My mind is awake and I feel normal but my body jus feels weak like I need to lay down and my head is sore . I was sweating trying to sleep . I was having all these bad thoughts like am I dieing ? Is my body shutting down? I'm afraid to sleep because I feel like I'm going to die like I won't wake up . It's a scary feeling and I need advice please tell me someone experienced this . My chest feels so clear but my body aches all over . When I try to sleep my fingers or leg twitches . Feelings of numbness . ? Idk I've never experienced this and I've had severe anxiety for I believe a little over a year now .

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It sounds like anxiety, especially since you already have had anxiety disorders. Always check w you Dr to be safe


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