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Hyperventilation syndrome

Hi Guys a lot of you may know this already but I've been reading about hyperventilation and I think this is a big factor for us anxiety sufferers.

Looking back my symptoms started off with shortness of breath I am now starting to think this all started from hyperventilation and has now escalated to a full blown anxiety disorder from fear of all the symptoms.

If you have a read about hyperventilation and its symptoms you will see that they are all the most common symptoms we are all complaining about on this forum, lightheadedness, dizziness, palpitations etc.

I would love if this was the problem and not an actual health issue lol today this has given me a little hope and boost I hope it may give you all some answers too. I will definitely be actively working on my breathing :)))

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Also, hypoventilation (breathing too slow) can also cause similar symptoms and is also a symptom of anxiety.


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