Anxiety Support

Story's of the mind

Creative people in general can suffer stress..


Because creative people have vivid is a gift.

Think of all the mucisians/artists/designers that have shaped our world.

The wonderful imagina ry writings of J.K.Rowland....

So where is this going?

Notice when your calm and relaxed, your imagination is at rest, instead you live in the moment and enjoy whatever is happening.

When you are anxious your imagination becomes active, and makes up "Story's of your mind".

When we imagine great things we become euphoric about the future.

When we imagine doom and gloom we become anxious and depressed.

These mostly are just story's .....that's all.....

Do not become euphoric.

Do not become depressed and anxious, because all you are doing is reacting to story's that your mind made up!

Don,t react just say ..aww here we go another story.

Best wishes....stay well

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totally agree have found although a vivid imagination is a gift it can also work against us, I have one and often suffer due to it, my husband on the other hand has not and he takes life as it comes and I do so envy him :) Buy am learning to tame it so it is now working for me instead of against me :)


This has to be the single BEST take I've ever read re: stress and panic attacks...Thank you stde !!!! ( from a fellow and I might add artistic sufferer )


I'm definitely saving this for future attacks lol I have always had a crazy imagination and when you're a kid it's awesome. But once you grow up you start imaging more "realistic" scenarios where it never ends well lol lets get back to that child's mindset.


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