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Rain rain go away

Hi everyone,

well when I just thought the hot days would arrive , the cold &,rain came back Or did it never go ?? Well so seems my health anxiety ,just brief for those of you who don't know me last year suffered bad anxiety along wirh overactive thyroid , this time last year I was on medication and goung away on holiday.however I am due to go on holiday in a few weeks again !!, but suddenly convinced myself I have skin cancer along with it spreadING basically I have a red spot on back of bottom calf of leg had for some time poss a year can be bigger or smaller , feel like having a lot of pain in neck & back, could it just be tension !! why oh why oh why , I couldn't sleep due to worry !! have not seen a doc yet , going to make an app asap in the morn , maybe some anxiety due to going away ,been very hectic too a lot for too working more ,family life hectic but greaT ,I don't know o just feel full if worry at the mo,maybe im.ready for total relaxation but even if my anxiety is creeping back at least I got you guys as my support haven't I ???big hugs binkynoo noo x

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Hi Binkynoo well to me it sounds you have a full on life and never have any you time also I think you could do with seeing a doctor and get some mild very mild antidepressants that will help with anxiety and when the anxiety has subsided you will see and feel and think logically about with the antidepressants in place as I had to many years ago as I found fluoxetine very good one and when I started to think clearly the anxiety disappeared and it was just seem to be a lack of something in my brain that stand-off things I need today but it was due to suppressive depression and it helps so so much The only problem I had on these was a little bit of heartburn and indigestion which was controllable with Gaviscon and other kind of indigestion and heartburn remedies I do hope you get some help with this and keep me posted how are you going


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