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Getting obsessive over anxiety :(

I need some peoples advice here. Since moving out of home 6 weeks ago, I've realised I have separation anxiety from my parents. Have done since I was a kid. But I'm obsessing over it cuz I live with my fiancé. We haven't lived together before n I'm doubting how I feel for him every minute of the day :( I don't know what to do. I don't know how I feel anymore. Please help if u have been in this situation

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the same thing happened to me i would cry all the time when i moved out and everytime i would go visit i would get sad when it was time to go but it well get better :)


I hope so. I just don't know if I love him the same anymore after all these negative thoughts n my anxiety attack etc


I don't know your exact situation! But I do know that common part of anxiety is doubting that you actually love the person you're with, because that feeling of doubt can be pretty scary. I felt the same way about my fiancé for awhile and it began to stress me out, but I realized that I was being ridiculous. He wasn't doing anything wrong and of course I loved him. I was just going through a lot of stress right now and wasn't sure how to cope so I felt distant from your fiancé. My best advice, if this is like your situation, is to let your fiancé be there for you when you feel the separation anxiety and negative feelings arising, talk to your fiancé about it. If you need anymore advice or have a different situation I could try and offer some ideas there as well. I've been through that exact feeling.


Thanks for replying. It helps that someone out there knows what I'm feeling. I've been feeling so down and I'm back at my parents tonight just so I can have a breather. X


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