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Hi! I am suffering from anxiety from last six years. I used to thibk that i have some deadly disease and i will go b

Hi i am siffering from anxiety from last 6 years i use to think thay i have deadly disease and i will go blind. These fear eased out with time. But one fine morning right after i completed my gradualtion my mother got sick and all house chores reaponsibilty was on me and that day i started feeling depersonalised like a robot after 3 years of constant anxiety and fear along with depersonlaized state i read inspiring coulmn about depersonalisation after whixh i have recovered to a level where i feel comfortable most of the time. But there are few problems that are still there. First one is i lost my self confidence and courage to initiate any activity. Thiugh i was bright student and was very confident. And second is a big issue there is always a fear back of my mind. I still get scared when i think of depersonalisation. I sometimes feel depersonalised when i think about it. I want to recover 100% . Thanks to almighty i am cured may be 90 % but 10,% improvement is what i need. Any suggestion to get rid of fear and constant anxiety

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One more thing i am taking fish oil capsule 1000mg with 230mg omega 3. If any one tried these capsules for anxiety and what happened afyetward please do let me know

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