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Anxiety and pregnant

I have suffered from anxiety for a few years and am a lot better at handling it now than when it first started. In the beginning I was off work for 3 months and had many sessions with a very good therapist which helped slightly.

After overcoming the worst and looking back I realised how much it took its toll on my life and always said I never wanted to go back to that place again.

However, although still not confirmed as I've had 3 negative tests I am a week late for my period which has never happened before. As a big anxiety sufferer I also have a severe phobia of hospitals, needles, illnesses etc this is triggering my anxiety off to the max.

Although most would see pregnancy news as happy and exciting, I am literally dreading it and sooo scared.

I did pay to have private bloods done last month which I did myself at home through finger prick tests to try and put my mind at ease a bit with my nerves. My results came back fine - a clear indication its my nerves tricking me. I am really hoping if I am pregnant that the hospital will accept these results and I wont have to have bloods done as I cannot bear the thought of this.

Has anyone else been through this before and suffered in the same way I do? If so, how did you cope?

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hi slj2012 , any number of things can affect your periods - inc stress and anxiety and getting older.

have you mentioned to your gp your phobias and feelings?

please let us know how you get on.


hamble :)


Thanks for your reply..

Yeah my GP has it all on record from when my anxiety started a few years back. I was also there last week to discuss my blood results i had done at home.

as regards my period i have never been late in all the time ive been suffering with my nerves. I am already panicking and havnt had a positive test yet. Just wish there was someway of turnin all the negative thoughts off! It takes over.

The main thing scaring me is if i am pregnant i see it as an illness and i dont do ill at all. Also the fact of going to hospitals and having tests etc never mind the labour! I just wish i could see the exciting side to it like most would.


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