I feel a knot in my throat. . It makes me panic!! Talking to people makes me panic too !!#

Hi I've had anxiety off and on , I just got it about 3 weeks ago due to a family death in the family. .. it started to act up again , I've been able to control my anxiousness and thoughts. I feel like my throat has a knot all the time. Sometimes I cope with it and some days I feel weak minded and panic . I'm not on any meds right now, I just hate this it makes me feel uncomfortable and not real.It gets bad that sometimes I can't be around people they make me anxious and sometimes I can't even talk to people. I get nervous and my throat feels really thight. It scares me , when will this mental illness go away! ! I'm trying to have a straight mind ...


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  • In my opinion it doesnt go away without some sort of medicationand even on that it takes time ...am really struggling at the moment the only good thing is av been here before and there is a light at the end of the tunnel

  • Thank you Jesus has helped me at times ...

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