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It'll be okay!

I've had anxiety going on 6 years. It's been a long journey and torturous at that! Sleepless nights, physical and mental battles against myself.. Seems never ending. I've gotten better though. Almost night and day from what I used to be. I can tolerate restlessness a lot better now compared to how I used too. That was one of my main issues. I can honestly say my worst mistake was taking prescription pills to deal with my anxiety. All it has done is prolong it! I took Xanax on a daily basis and always before i goto because I could not without it. I can proudly say that is not the case anymore. I've been taken off of Xanax and given avitan (which doesn't help much for me) but honestly I think it is for the better. Its keeping me from depending on the meds. At first I was worried but then I learned to cope... Now I am feeling a lot more confident about myself. I worry less.. I'll take a melatonin every now and then maybe twice week. Works decent! I'm just blabbing but I posted this because I want people to hear there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Learn to deal with it mentally. The brain is a strong tool. If I can do it I know anyone else can. I've always been somewhat of a weak minded person so it's easy for me to stress and become anxious. I have complete confidence in you all to know you can overcome it. We all can! Keep fighting and in the end it'll be worth it. If I could just give one bit of advice... That is to stay away from prescription pills. It becomes very addictive! Good luck everyone and take care!

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hi sgs 990, so well done , it aint easy coming off meds which you have taken for such a long time, your post shows with determination & willpower what you can achieve. take care xxx


Thank you jasper!


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