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Derealisation 3 years strong.. no end in sight

I have seen doctors, CBTs, psychiatrists, a neurologists, and none of them have been able to help me even a little bit with this problem. They're so quick to pin it down to just "a symptom of anxiety" but what they can't seem to grasp is that the derealisation caused my anxiety! It was marijuana induced; I was a stoner for about 2 years, soon things started feeling unreal even when I wasn't high so I stopped, but the derealisation stayed. I have tried vitamins, various medications, using all 5 senses, breathing excersizes and even meditation. Nothing helps. I fear that I will be like this forever, which is a terrible thought because I have lost friends, my whole social life, and even had to drop out of college because of this. Just the feeling alone has landed me in the ER about 4 times, because I felt so disconnected I thought my brain was literally shutting down. Someone with experience PLEASE help me out with this. It has ruined part of my life and is continuing to ruin it. Its given me health anxiety, I fear I'm going to have a seizure or faint all the time. I never have but I'm sure I will. I'm also pretty sure that every day is the last day of my life. This is a nightmare. I have so many physical symptoms, too many to even list, but I have been tested for absolutely everything and my body is in perfect shape even though I feel like such total sh#& all the time. :c

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mmmmm smokeing weed for years can give you anxiety do some think to yer brain mind in long run and have simtoms for years even rest yer life some times mentle probs as it gets stronger stroger with what ever cemcalls thay use to grow it mash yer brain up tho some peeps say it dont ow it does i know cup peeps that bit f**ked up now in head from smokeing it for years


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