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Well my ainxiery awful really out it scared .. felt ill on wed so rang doc was sent hospital . Had blood tests done they took first showed how put it lumps in my blood test.. then took another said need another so had 3 lots blood in end .. thought most be sonethink keep saying we treat it if there is ... but as 3rd came back clear saying I'm ok .. cm sent me home at 10 night mind u been there all day ... now can't cope as in head sonethink wrong why went wrong last was clear want get out bed case die now ... Any one had blood tests had come back wrong had done again just wondering worry over this to much letting make ill ... anixery cutting in to .. Thanks jill .....

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Hi Jill,

I suggest you make another appointment with your doctor and they will be able to explain the test and its outcomes with you. Then you should be able to stop worrying about it. You probably had the best possible care at the time but if you have ongoing symptoms you should speak to a doctor.

The doctor should also be able to assist in dioagnosing any anxiety problems or refer you to someone who can.

All the best,



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