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Feeling weak :(

Hey guys how is everyone. I haven't posted on here in a while as I've been doing somewhat better and hope you are as well.

For the past couple days my anxiety had been bad and I've been feeling so weak off n on and it's extremely bad today and terrifies me as I feel like I can't do anything so of course I haven't been sleeping and we all know lack of sleep also makes anxiety worse. I just don't know what to do.

How do you all cope with the weak feeling I can't take it anymore :(

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hi pink, we know anxiety can just reappear from nowhere , but you say you have been doing well up till now, have you been back to the docs about it? if he could give you something to help you get a good nights sleep , anxiety as you know pink can make your mind & body feel as weak as a kitten, but you will know the breathing techniques to use, anxiety always reaches a peak then goes down again, there are good free web sites for relaxations, such as headspace, or calm. com. good luck pink , jasper xx


Hi pink1181, it's binkynoo lovely to hear from you and been doing good until you feel weak again I am too I don't want to be in same place I was last year ,I think at the mo a lot of people like myself bounced back ,buy with recent illness things going about , iv not had great sleep for few weeks if not me my lil.boy unwell drained me ,i had to take a skeep aid last night I worry about that! but only took half I'm trying herb sleep tea too , tI am gonna ring doc tomo this chest infection still not great realky had enough . Try keep g positI've look foward to summer until then I want to get well ,keep well energy love for life again chat anytime big hugs binkynoo x


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