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So sick

Hi everyone im so sick of feeling sick all the time im sick of mt body feeling limp all the time like its so scary and aggravating. i dont understand why i have to have these symptoms and panic attacks body and mind i ass so exhausted. ...i was in a deep sleep latnight and this morning and all of a sudden woke up in panic i was so scared i didnt know where i was.... my body was so limo i couldn't concentrate i was shaking like crazy and i couldnt breathe. ...ughh so sick of it all....any help....comments anyone

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I understand. I'm sorry you're having such a bad time. I just found this site because I'm feeling weak today too. I've had anxiety for many years and this is a new symptom. I am seeing a therapist. Have you visited a doctor for your anxiety? Not that they've cured me but it's a place to start.

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I'm so sorry your feeling this way! I completely understand. Im so sick and tired of being sick and tired! The adrenaline and cortisol we produce with anxiety is really hard on the body. The panic attacks when your sleeping are to me one of the worst things :( have you been to a dr to see if maybe there are some meds that could help?

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Thanks you guys....and i have all my appointment nxt week...




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