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hard time excepting

I have felt ill since October have been to doctors /er so many times .I have had 2 panin attacks but still can't except this is anxiety I'm in pain daily have stomach problems and feel really tired daily every test I have had says I'm fine but I don't feel good at all .is it normal to have symptoms 24/7 my eyes are bothering me at the mo they are burning and I have black circles around them this makes me feel worse please dose anyone else feel like this

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I feel "sick" or like I'm coming down with something daily. My stomach is in knots no matter how calm I think I am, never seem to get enough sleep, and just feel blech. Push through, the more you do the faster you will get better

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Thanks I cant believe anxiety can make us feel this way I still think it must be something else right now I'm sat on sofa with daughter feeling really ill head dosent feel right and stomach feels strange not painful but just not right and my eyes are really heavy I'm really struggling to be normal how do we get better


Heyim sorry you feel that way...but everything you have Wrote alinea mine me...i look a Hot mess but just know you are not alone we have each other and we get o ver this..


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