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Anxiety is so weird

Couple weeks ago i was afraid of having a heart attack, i had fast heart rates, hard to breathe, chest pain . Now i don't think too much about my heart and the symptoms seems faded away . But i think about another disease, like a brain tumor now i feel my muscles are very weak, a tension headache and ringing in my ear ! How can i break this negativity loops ?! So tired ....

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I can see you posted 2 days ago & have no replies as yet , I am sure members do care but maybe they are struggling themselves & do not know what to say

It sounds very much however that you have health anxiety , I suffer with it to & even though a lot better than I ever used to be it still likes to rear it's head when I am going through anxious times

We can focus on one thing & be convinced this is it then no sooner have we let go of that one then another one comes along to worry us & cause anxiety , we can even get to the stage where we can create symptoms through worrying so much & believe something is wrong

I am wondering if you had an experience or did something affect you in some way that may have triggered this as for a lot of us this can be the case that we can look back & see where it started

Are you getting any support , have you friends or family you can talk to , all the support we can get really helps & if you have not already then I would talk to my doctor , they do understand & counselling can really help with this to

How to break this negativity is easier said than done but can be done it is slowly re training our negative thoughts into positive ones , it can be looked at like a diet hard to lose the weight but as soon as you start eating a few treats it is easy to put it back on again , are brains find it easy & have got into a habit of thinking negative thoughts when we have anxiety & we tend to stack them all up in our minds till they take over but so much it can be hard to challenge & reverse them again

Maybe keep a diary , write down everything you think you have had each day , week etc & then when you start worrying again look back & it can help you to realize nothing ever happened last time so why would it this time x


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