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Anxiety and pain

Hi all

I am totally exhausted with this anxiety game now, medications don't seem to work ! For the last nearly two years I have had shoulder pain which has now moved down to my chest, feels like I am made of cardboard to be honest !! Anyone else had this ??? My friend at work tried to massage my shoulder and could hardly do it as they were so tight !! Sorry to moan just wanted to share experiences really xx

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Hi, I dont have shoulder pain specifically but I do think I have anxiety related pain. I had a baby 8 months ago and I think my bad back was triggered by that but since it started I've been so stressed over it I think I'm making it worse and delaying it getting better. What started off in my lumbar then progressed to tightness in my neck and shoulders and now my entire back feels like its knotted up. I had a massage at a spa the other day and she even commented on how I'm so tense I was full of tight knots. My neck pain just feels like all the tendons are so tight they could snap and its causing stress headaches which just makes me stress more. I'm finally going to see a chiropractor about it Monday who deals in spinal problems and stress related issues so hopefully that will help. I'm afraid I cant offer any advice to help but just know you aren't alone! X


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