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I hate this😪

I know I write on here a lot but while I'm feeling like this I need to write it down and get people Advice. My heart is racing AGAINN super super fast I feel like I'm going to die why is my heart beating fast when I take propranolol which is suppose to slow the heart rate down? IM on a highish dose of it aswell :(. I'm always always feeling like this no matter what!!!! I'm so drained n sick of it .. This is everyday I try not force on it beacise I know it makes it worse but it's so hard:( no one understands m I know ur all properly sick of me but I just want people's support and I love you all for it use all make me feel safe I know it sounds stupid :(. I really hate feeling like this. What if I'm like this for years? Or life? I just want my life back its so hard 😩😩😩😩

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Hey hun u need to have another visit with your doctor an let him know instead of slowing it down it speeds it up mayb the dosage needs to lower or something I can't wait til u go and see the cardiologist so you can have some peace of mind.


Kaayla please make sure you go Dr.Maybe these tabs do not suit you.He could give you some different ones.Best of luck 😊


Hey kayla u ok love? Pls go to the doctors tomorrow and explain it to them. I want u to get beta so we can meet xx


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