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Worried about antibiotic plz help

Hi everyone my anxiety is really bad right now. I was prescribed ciprofloxacin hcl for a kidney infection but I read so much bad stuff about it I don't want to take it. I'm freaking out and now I'm scared that my infection is going to get worse and I want to change the antibiotic for another one but I have to wait till Monday...plz help! !!!

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With all medication comes listed side effects & for most with anxiety especially if you suffer with Health anxiety the worse thing we can do is read the side effects because our anxiety immediately say's we will have or get the side effects !

I now have a habit of taking the leaflet & giving it to someone close & telling them unless you hear me complaining of what you may feel is a side effect on that leaflet , dont give it me back or let me know where it is you have put it

Remember everyone that complains when taking a medication they have to add to the list of side effects , it has not always been proven that the actually tablet has cause the side effect but there is a possibility it could have so down it goes on the list & this also may have only happened to 1 in a 1000 people or even more but they don't tell you that

Do not Google about the medication that will make you even a 100 times worse !

If you have a kidney infection you need to clear it up & as well as drinking plenty of fluids to flush your kidneys out medication is needed , you may find that your doctor could change the medication for another one but it will still come with a list of side effects

Maybe try telling yourself you will take one just for today as one won't harm you & then come tomorrow tell yourself the same again & so on before you know it you will have taken the full course & your kidney infection will be better :-) x


Hello Jules,

All I can suggest here is try the course of medications you have been prescribed. The problem is the Medical, Drug companies are having problems with antibiotics and associated types, most of these general spectrum medications are containing containing earlier types because they are not working because of overuse.

All i can suggest is that you take the medication given as that will be the one recommended. The only thing is if you allergic to the drug, then they may change it. Sad to say we are losing types of antibiotics so there is a good reason that that they have prescribed this one

Please do not worry



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