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DP is really scaring me

So ive avoided dp causing panic attacks, but I stil lfeel really weird. Like im not human, like it is weird to exist, and like I could blink out of existence at any moment. I feel like a stranger in my own body. Are these characteristic symptoms of depersonalization? I used to just have derealization. But that went away. But this

still hasnt.

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I know the feeling. It's like I feel like a robot. What was your derealization like. .I feel like mines coming back and it's like I can't see right.scares ne


It used to feel like I was living in a dream a Dream and couldn't think. Now I feel like at any second, I'll like lose is or forget who I am.


I've been suffering from depersonalization for over a year now. No, you are not going crazy and it is harmless (so I'm told). Google it. Sometimes additional information is shown. Getting anxiety and panicking only makes it worse. When you are focused on something else or someone else, the feeling is not there unless you refocus your attention on it. Seeing a therapist helps and reading literature about it will assure you that you're okay, so to speak. Prayed for you.


Yes. That is a common way for depersonalization to manifest itself. I agree with the other comment. The best way to deal with it is focus on something else very intently. If the means a crossword puzzle, playing with a child or a pet, read a short story, anything that gets your mind off of it. Keep telling yourself it's a common part of anxiety, and as uncomfortable as it is, it's not dangerous, you won't go crazy, or forget who you are. It's just a pesky way anxiety is getting your attention!


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