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Low right side back pain and abdomanal discomfort

Hey guys iv been to a bunch a different docters and hospitals and they cant tell me nothin , for about 4years i have had a constant lower back pain right side flank area , its not really a pain its more of an uncomfortable ache i hfind i have to sit a certain way cause it almost feels like a pressure. And my uppre right abdomin is tender to touch not painfull at all but tender any body have this problem thanks

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I have that it is Bursisistis it is inflammation of the hip or it can be from spondolosis of the spine as I now have both it came on suddenly over the past 4 years and it is something you have to live with however you should be able to get pain killers to help you with the pain.. go back to your doctor and ask for pain killers and an MRI that will show it :) Good luck


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