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Long old day

All day I felt pain in chest and all of a sudden I got shortness of breath so I rang an ambulance they took me to hospital my ecg was normal they said at my age 19 it's unlikely I'll be having a heart attack , they said my chest wall is inflamed that's why I got pain and the paramedic said because I have a cough over 3weeks I need to get it checked. Doctor just said I about the imflamed muscle on my chest , he gave me clarithromycin which is some sort of antibiotic I think and also naproxen for the pains in my chest I said about the pain in my leg also he didn't even look at it I said about blood clot he goes if u had a bloodcclot your oxygen levels will be dropped and mine is 98% or something like that

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Well it seems like they have done your tests and all seems ok. So hopefully you should be able to rest well


Do not worry



Your test came out great you have to stop the negative train of thought and replace it that you are good.

It's muscle related.


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