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I have been suffering with anxiety for about 5years now. At 1st I was in and out the hospital every day. Then every other day different hospitals. I found out that I suffer with fibromalygia. Which makes anxiety stronger. But I learn that praying really works. And thinking on good thoughts. Surround yourself with people that understanding you will get threw this

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Amen to being surrounded with people who understand.

And know that our lord Jesus Christ is there for us, I start reading the Bible when it's near me during an attack and it runs through me quick.




I wish I was that positive with my anxiety. I have had anxiety really bad since I was 14, now 18. At first I have always went into the ER when I had an attack. Now I'm so use to them I never get warning signs like I use to. Except the pain in my left arm which I only get when my anxiety is really really bad!

I try to think positive thoughts, I try to keep my stress levels down, but it's hard.

I am honestly proud that you found a way to maintain yourself.



Don't worry you will. Once u get to know what works for you. It will all come together trust me. Cause I use to run back and forth to the hospital. I have the same symptoms. And sometimes mix together with panic attacks as well. But like I said this too shall past. Find the things that make you feel at ease. And start from there.


Thanks for sharing that. I feel that prayer helps me too, especially my belief in God. Without my faith, I do think I would be in a mental facility by now. But I know that I belong to God and rely on Him to carry me through. I suffer from depersonalization and anxiety.


Yes he will take you threw and deliver. He is a all knowing GOD and he see and care. I'm thankful for you reading my comment. Continue the good work and be encouraged.

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Yes!! Praying and mediating is the key. And I'm glad that this method helps for you. I pray that all of us that suffer with this condition. Be delivered from it. Also I learn that trying not to get upset, overwhelm and overwork helps out too. Its easier said then done. Trust me I know but whatever works is good. That's for reading my comment.


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