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Chinese food anxiety

Omg i hate myself so much. The oh wants chinese so i ordered for him BUT the whole time i was ordering im starting to panic.

Will it be cooked right what if it gives us food poisoning? No it'll be fine. But what if its not? people die from food poisoning. . Not many though. But it will probably happen to me especially with my ibs and how i get run down so easily. Stop being silly.. can i eat it?should i eat it?

and so the conversation goes in my head. Now im waiting for chinese id like to try a little of but am terrified that will kill me.

Anybody else have these internal fights or is it just me that must be crazy. ?

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It'll be ok hun :)

If they value their business, they'll cook their food right.

Trust yourself that it will be ok :)

Enjoy x


Well i ate some hard as it was and im stiĺl here this morning. Didnt enjoy it as much though obviously.



Yes I have conversational battles every day. They are called negative automatic thoughts. NATS for short. You have to question them. You had a bit of the Chinese you were fine. Next time tell yourself you were ok and keep telling yourself and the anxious feelings should subside. You have to do this with everything and challenge these thoughts. Take care.

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Thanks !


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