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Family problems

hello so I just started working about 2 weeks ago and my mom take care my kids for 30 min I get out at 4pm my husband goes in at 5pm so today I couldn't go home cuz I have the company car so I stay until my husband came so he could grab the kids and we could go home he comes out at 11 pm but I felt so uncomfortable what my perent said and brothers ..I left mad put my kids in the company vehicle and left. my dad told my mom went am I leaving in the room so my brother came running and said u need to go leave ..is not the first time my brother said that my son cant not even go in his room cuz they start fighting my son is 3 years my brother he's nine they alway blame my son for everithing is like his the target so really hurt my feeling not cuz of me cuz of my two lil one do I stop going what should do

Am getting anxiety that Can't not even sleep to much thinking every time I think I cry cuz his Lil he doesn't know ..

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You sound like a great Mum doing the best for your family by trying t provide for them by going to work ...well done :-)

Sounds like your family has some issues & believe me there are so many families unfortunately that do

Your main priority is your son & this would make any Mother feel anxious but his well being comes first & it does not sound like your parents even though 30 mins is a short time they have to mind him are putting their Grandsons happiness first

Have you a friend , maybe neighbour that even if you had to offer them a small amount per week could mind him for 30 minutes per day

Maybe an after School club ?

Would it be possible to speak to work & maybe change your hours going in maybe 30 minutes later & stopping 30 minutes extra at the end of the shift

It could be worth taking to your employers when you have children most employees can be understanding & for the sake of half an hour try & work something out x


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