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For those of you with throat symptoms: Is This what you feel??

Hoarse voice

Tightness all around the neck throat area

Feeling like your throat will close off your airway. It feels worse when you lay on your back.

Constantly have to clear your throat because of "phelgm"

Certain neck stretches hurt your throat. Like right at the dead center of the throat.

Neck twitches/spasms

Do you feel this? There might be more please let me know I want to get to the bottom of this doctors don't really check my throat just tell me it's part of anxiety :(

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Ive hadthis. Anxiety causes your throat muscles to contract and it is not dangerous. It wont close off your airway or make you stop breathing. It just feels like it is tight or like there is a lump in your throat. Ive had it.

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Did this too for weeks even had an ultra sound and a scan of my thyroid all normal we have to stop just as I think I am better I get worse


I didn't even worry about it really. And it was gone the next day. Haven't had that since.


It is in all probability anxiety but if it eases your mind, you can with your doctor. Find ways to do deep breaths and see if that helps.


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